We can't wait to welcome ReDeux Home to Louisburg Market Street! To give you a glimpse of the fun and craziness we are about to share, check out this recent post from ReDeux Home... and the world goes round and round...

You know how crazee this business is that we're in????? 
Limme share with you THIS:

Holidays 2002, Mission Road Antique Mall, Prairie Village, KS..... I did an entire collection inspired by "Circus Tent Stripes" - a designer approached me then and was working on a commercial job and long story short, based her entire design for the "public areas" on my circus tent mantle (pictured below) - flash forward to 2017 - we just purchased a large storage unit and emptied it out today - 2 truck & trailer loads BTW...... - anyhoo, the top layer of the storage unit was nothing but chairs...... once we got the chairs unearthed, guess what, all the pieces I sold back in 2002 were on the bottom of this storage unit - this mantle included!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT THE HADES???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's such a weird feeling to get all this stuff back again!!!!!!!! 



Check out what Ann's Floral & Vintage Treasures customer Lonna Duzan had to say about the shop...

This is not "just" a florist shop - this is an awesome floral shop and Antiques store! It's decorated so lovely, and has many types of vintage and antiques to please everyone! From costume and fine jewelry to furniture and nicknacks! It even has a section for the guys, called "The Man Cave," Lol! You can also have vintage gifts delivered with your flowers! The management is friendly and knowledgeable. The shop is clean and bright! I highly recommend this as your go to vintage and floral store!