1. Is electricity available to all booths or only those against the exterior walls?

Electricity will be available in various locations in the center, but definitely in many locations along the walls.


2. Are vendors allowed to put up a wall or partition between spaces?

Yes partitions/walls are allowed.


3. What days and hours will you be open each week?

At this point LMS is planning to be open Thursday through Saturday from 10 AM - 6 PM. We are also considering Sundays and will keep you posted.


4.  Are vendors required to work at "the Market"?

Currently we have an 8 hour requirement per month. 


5. Does Louisburg Market Street charge a percent of sales fee?

No, we do NOT take a percent of sales. Just flat rent.


6. Are credit card charges on purchases by customers passed on to the vendors?

Yes credit charges are passed on, but we do NOT charge percent rent. 


7. Is rent paid separately or taken out of proceeds from sales?

First month's rent is due at signing, but after that rent comes out of sales.